Business Consultants with a
passion for innovative

We specialise in solving complex business problems by combining the ingenuity of human intelligence with the robustness of artificial intelligence.

Our consultants are experts in both business operations and business technology: employing techniques and methods from Lean Six Sigma and fields such as, statistical mathematics, computer science, data science, engineering and accounting.

Our expertise in technology allows us to not only provide a strategic approach to business problems, but to actually execute the solution and prove its value again and again.

The combined approach we use makes Innovior a valuable strategic and delivery partner who can help you get the most out of your business.

Innovation Toolkit

The Innovior tookit covers the essential components of running both efficiency focused business transformation exercises and rapid experimentation and delivery of leading edge technology solutions.

Intelligent Automation

RPA, OCR and the latest automation tools free up valuable staff and enable scale by automating high volume, routine tasks

Process Excellence

Lean Six Sigma and Customer Centric Design improves processes to reduce waste and cost  while increasing efficiency

Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Services and Machine Learning transform your business processes with increased automation for optimum performance

Managed Services

Have peace of mind that critical automated processes are in safe hands with continuous monitoring and local support